Establecimiento Mecánico Salvador Greco

Establecimiento Mecánico SALVADOR GRECO

Addition to offering its products of excellent quality after-sales service, also known for having a wide experience in repairing a new eccentric presses (rocker) and guillotines of any make or model.

The services we offer our customers are:

After Sales Service

Maintenance service

Advisory Service

Security Devices

Repair and automation of presses and guillotines

Machining jobs

Modification rocker (keyway to pneumatic clutch-brake)

Zani S.p.A

Since 1997, we have the exclusive partnership of the firmZANI-Presse Italy for its entire line of eccentric presses.
Choosing us as your agent in Argentina.

We offer:

Productos ZANI-Presse (ITALIA) See products

Exclusive After-Sales Service

Maintenance service

Advisory Service.

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