Establecimiento Mecánico Salvador Greco
Programmable step forward on screen in hundredths of mm from 0 to 999,99mm.
Accuracy +/- 0.02 mm.
Servomotor reducer Brashles low game.
Up to 2 programmable steps forward on screen by piece
Micromechanics brand pneumatic elements
Guides input straight hardened steel
The team can make progress and setbacks manually (jog) and performing a test step from the board.
Automatically after each stroke of the press, he performs the programmed feed, and after each advance, actuates the press.
Pneumatic opening of the upper roll. Adjustable pressure.
Fully mounted on self-lubricating bearings.
Touch screen in which the programmed values are read and from which program step forward, top speed, acceleration, and the firing of the press.